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What David Busst’s leg looks like today, 19 years after that tackle at Man United [Picture]

19 years after that tackle at Man United, here’s what David Busst’s leg looks like today

Not for the faint of heart…WARNING: The picture below is not for the squeamish.

One of the most famous footballing injuries of all time has certainly left its mark on poor David Busst!



Coventry City travelled On April 8, 1996, to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United. It was only two minutes into the game, and David Busst who was a defender  went up to join the attack after theCoventry won a corner.

Busst went for a loose ball, but the defender was caught in a sandwich between two tackles from players Brian McClair and Denis Irwin of United, the result was quite horrific.

It was reported that Peter Schmeichel, Manchester United’s goalkeeper vomited on the spot, and that it took over 12 minutes for the blood to be cleaned off from the grass before the match could continue.

The challenge left Busst with career-ending extensive compound fractures to the tibia and fibula of his right leg, and to date he has had 26 operations on his leg.

See the picture below of what David Busst’s leg looks like today.


Talksport presenter Andy Goldstein posted a picture on his Twitter account this weekend, showing what David Busst’s leg looks like today.




Many thanks to 101greatgoals.com for posting this artical and Talksport presenter Andy Goldstein for image.