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Upset fan responds by BURNING his Man City tickets

City Fan waits 12 hours for tickets to see Manchester City’s recent game in Vietnam, he did not react well when Raheem Sterling, Joe Hart and Samir Nasri all blanked him.

The video does not show certain Manchester City players in a good light.

The video was filmed by a Vietnamese fan during City’s recent visit to his country. The mystery fan had had queued up for 12 hours to buy tickets for the game between Vietnamese national team and Manchester City- so it was understandable that he was a bit excited when he spotted the players in the same hotel lobby.

In his excitement, he asked Raheem Sterling, Joe Hart and Samir Nasri to “say hi to Vietnam”.

And as you can see in the clip, they all looked at him, they all scowled… and they all said nothing.


Presumably he was hoping Man City would have the same attitude Arsenal had when touring Vietnam in 2013.

When the Gunners were in theVietnam, they ended up inviting a fan onto the team bus – just because he chased after it for ages…




Thanks to www.mirror.co.uk for posting the above video