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(VIDEO) Player in intensive care after head injury

Soccer Player Suffers Broken Neck In Nasty Collision

When an athlete steps on to the field there is always a chance of a serious injury.


In a match between Zamalek and AC Leopards in the Confederation of African Football Cup ( CAF), Rudy Ndey of AC Leopards suffered a broken neck after violently colliding with the goalkeeper of Zamalek. Ndey flipped over the keeper and landed hard on his head.

The striker, who is from the Congo was taken to the Air Force Specialized Hospital in Cairo and arrived “in a very bad condition”. On Tuesday, after performing emergency surgery on the striker, Dr Salah Abdelkhaleq said the player was doing better but it was too early to say if he would ever play again.

Dr Salah Abdelkhaleq said went on to say “He had serious damage to his spinal column between the fifth and sixth vertebrae, a blow to the spinal cord, breathing difficulties and brain bleeding, but the surgery was successful,” the doctor said.

“The latest is that respiration is now stable after instability respiration on Monday. Chest muscles have been affected because of bruises in the cervical spinal cord.”

BBC has more on Ndey’s surgery, which you can read here.